Autonomous and natural protection
Created with true pure copper threads


Unique in the World

Our Patented fabrics use pure copper (metallic) yarns to achieve their antibacterial action, maintaining this quality over time.

Proven Effectiveness

CoureTex® fabrics are laboratory certified as antibacterial fabrics made with true pure copper threads.

Health & Wellness

Using CoureTex products it is possible to keep areas, environments and people free of germs, bacteria and fungi.
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CoureTex for health

Innovation and product development to take care of your health. Antibacterial Mask (Mouth Cover), Antibacterial Curtains and more.

CoureTex for Footwear

The insole and lining made with CoureTex generate maximum antibacterial protection, providing greater comfort by eliminating the bad smell.

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Our Antibacterial fabrics

We have a wide variety of CoureTex® antibacterial fabrics, in polyester, polycotton and cotton. All with real pure copper threads.

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